Marsha  Griggs
Elementary Principal

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Elementary Principal

Elementary Principal


Welcome To The Principal's Page

Welcome to Slidell Elementary school website!! On behalf of the entire school community, we welcome you to our elementary "Greyhounds"! The staff is busy working on the lessons and preparing for your students. I invite you to check the website throughout the year for announcements and upcoming events.

Parents play a key role in their children's education and to that end I invite you to come to school, join out Parent and Teachers Together (PATT), or volunteer your time to assist teachers and students with this all important job. Slidell Elementary staff members strive for an effective and an enduring learning experience for your child.

Just a few reminders for parents -----the school day begins at 8:00 and ends at 3:17. Parents may accompany students into the building but need to exit before the 8:00 am bell. Please remember that all traffic flows one-way, single file from the East entrance and Exits at the high school lot at Hwy. 455. Students are allowed to enter the elementary building at 7:30am.

It is my privilege to work with the staff of Slidell Elementary that holds dear the goal of educating your child.  This team work benefits the whole child with a safe school environment while nurturing individual characters that will become productive citizens. I look forward to a wonderful school year!

Marsha L. Griggs