Subjects Taught
Biology, Chemistry, Science 8


North Central Texas College, where I received an Associate of Science degree in 1986.  

 University of North Texas where I received both a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Chemistry minor and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1990.

Master of Science in Biology in 1996. The title of my thesis was "A Geographic Information Systems Analysis of Biodiversity of Squirrels (FAMILY SCIURIDAE) of the Intermountain Great Basin of the Western United States".  Sounds impressive, but its just a bunch of info on all types of squirrels.


 I have taught at Slidell High School for eleven years now, and I'm hoping for many more.  I have three girls, all of which go to school in Slidell. I attended Gainesville High School several years back, then went on to College.  During College I was a work study student and in graduate school I taught comparative anatomy and physiology labs, physical anthropology labs, general science labs and anatomy and physiology labs.  After college I was an adjunct professor with North Central Texas College, as well as, Weatherford College.

I'm interested in forensic science, taxidermy, collecting insects and animal skulls.