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on track and leading the pack
Boys Coach: Casey Pierce
Girls Coach: Lance Shelton 
2018-2019 Schedule
Oct. 27th Sat. Muenster (Scrimmage) Away 10:00 VG
Oct. 30th Tues. Lindsay (Scrimmage) Away 6:00 JVG/VG
Nov. 2nd Fri. Alvord  Away 4:00 VG
Nov. 6th Tues. Sam Rayburn Away 5:00 JVG/VG
Nov. 6th Tues. Celina (Scrimmage) Away 6:00 JVB/VB
Nov. 9th Fri. FW Castleberry Home 5:00 JVG/VG
Nov. 10th Sat. Lipan Away 3:00 VB
Nov. 13th Tues. Era (VG)/Millsap (JVB & VB) Home 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB
Nov. 15th-17th Thur.-Sat. Slidell Invitational Tourn. Home TBA VG 
Nov. 20th Tues. Valley View (G)/FW Country Day (B) Home 4:00 JVB/VB/JVG/VG
Nov. 27th Tues. Graford Away 5:00 JVB/VG/VB
Nov. 29th-Dec. 1st Thur.-Sat. Celeste Tournament Away TBA VG
Nov. 29th-Dec. 1st Thur.-Sat. Lipan Tournament Away TBA VB
Nov. 29th-Dec. 1st Thur.-Sat. North Texas Tournament Away TBA JVB
Dec. 4th Tues. Bryson Home 5:00 JVB/VG/VB
Dec. 6th-8th Thur.-Sat. Mineral Wells Tournament Away TBD VB
Dec. 7th Fri. S & S Consolidated Home 6:00 JVG/VG
Dec. 11th Tues. Goldburg Home 6:00 VG
Dec. 11th Tues. Valley View Away 5:00 JVB/VB
Dec. 14th Fri. Prairie Valley Away 4:45 JVG/VG
Dec. 14th Fri. Era Away 5:00 JVB/VB
Dec. 18th Tues. Muenster Home 5:00 JVB/VB
Dec. 21st Fri. Bellevue Home 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Dec. 27th-29th Thur.-Sat. Windthorst Tournament Away TBD VG/VB
Jan. 4th Fri. Midway Away 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 8th Tues. Denton Calvary (JV)/Forestburg Home 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 11th  Fri. Saint Jo Away 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 12th Sat. Lindsay Tournament Away TBA JVB
Jan. 15th Tues. Goldburg Away 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 18th Fri. Prairie Valley (HC) Home 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 22nd Tues. Argyle Liberty Christian Away 6:00 JVB/VB
Jan. 25th Fri. Bellevue Away 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Jan. 29th Tues. Midway Home 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB
Feb. 1st Fri. Forestburg Away 6:00 VG/VB
Feb. 5th Tues. Saint Jo (SN) Home 4:45 JVB/VG/VB
Feb. 8th Fri. Goldburg Home 4:45 JVB/VB
Feb. 12th Tues. Prairie Valley Away 4:45 JVB/VB
Nov. 5th Mon. Red River Home 6:00
Nov. 12th Mon. Montague Home 6:00
Nov. 19th Mon. Bellevue Away 6:00
Nov. 26th Mon. Prairie Valley Away 6:00
Dec. 3rd Mon. Goldburg Home 6:00
Dec. 10th Mon. Midway Home 6:00
Dec. 15th Sat. Slidell Tournament I Home TBD
Dec. 17th Mon. Forestburg Away 6:00
Jan. 7th Mon. Goldburg Away 6:00
Jan. 14th Mon. Prairie Valley Home 6:00
Jan. 19th Sat. Slidell Tournament II Home TBD
Jan. 24th Thurs. Saint Jo Home 6:00
Jan. 28th Mon. Forestburg Home 6:00
Feb. 4th Mon. Montague Away 6:00
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2017-2018 District, Regional Quarterfinal Champions
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2014-2015 District, Area Champions
2013-2014 Bi-District Champions
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