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Computer Science

Instructional Video - due February 11

CS1 – 1 to 2 minutes - if/else
CS2 – 2 to 3 minutes - arrays
CS3 – 3 to 5 minutes - linked lists
• Completed videos will be posted on the school website
• Your voice doing the teaching
• Title screen
• Programming examples
• You clearly understand the topic

Meets requirements: 80
Creativity: 20

TinkerCad Tutorials - due Friday, November 22

Join the Computer Science class on TinkerCad. The instructions are stored in OneDrive. FInd a tutorials that are of interest to you and work through them. When we come back from Thanksgiving break we will create something to be printed. Be sure to choose tutorials that are challenging rather than something to just kill time!

Electronic Game Promotion - due Monday, December 9

You will be creating promotional materials for the Computer Science 3 video game. You may choose between a full page color magazine ad OR a 60 second video appropriate for YouTube.

The first step will be to interview “The Lads.” To simplify the interview process, as a class, you must develop 12 questions that you would like to ask. Your questions are due Wednesday, November 13, and should be submitted as a shared Word document. “The Lads” will reply to your questions by Monday, November 18. If you would an opportunity for follow-up questions, you will need to work out a time.

The rubric will be provided to you by Monday, November 18.

Children's Storybook - due November 1

 You will be writing and illustrating a children's story which includes 2 historical figures from the field of computer science. The story to illustration ratio will be determined by your target age. Your story must include at least one programming construct. Spend some time and creativity on this part
Comp Sci 2 Rubric 
Story and illustrations are well developed - 45
Appropriate for target age - 10
2 historical figures - 5
Story uses historical figures technological strength/knowledge – 20 
Programming construct - 10
Printed in color & bound - 5
WOW! - 5
Comp Sci 1 Rubric 
Story and illustrations are well developed - 55
Appropriate for target age - 10
2 historical figures - 5
Story uses historical figures technological strength/knowledge – 20 
Printed in color & bound - 5
WOW! - 5

Industry Website - due September 19

The 10 biggest industries in 2018 were health, financial services, consumer products and services, logistics and transportation, business products and services, construction, government services, real estate, retail and finally, security.

Your best buddy has an idea for a startup in one of these industries and has asked you to research website options for him. Since this is a brand new company, the less expensive the better. You will need to research three web development options before choosing one. Finally, you will create a bare bones website that is appropriate for the industry.

You will present your project to the class beginning September 18. Be prepared to explain the pros and cons of each option and justify your final choice.

Presentation - 30
   Explained pros and cons
   Justify final choice
   Website tour
   Justify color scheme, graphics and layout
Website - 60
   Appropriate for industry
   Free from grammar and spelling errors
   Logical layout
   Aesthetically pleasing
WOW!! - 10
Hannah - Retail
Sydney - Financial
Hudson - Construction
Collin - Health
Jerl - Security
Easton - Financial
Warren - Business
Dusty - Health
Ashton - Logistics
Dylan - Security
Landry - Construction
Tyler - Consumer products
Aaron - Logistics
Callie - Health
Jade - Business Products
James - Financial Services
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