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Office Hours
The office is open from 7:30 am until 3:45 pm. School is dismissed at 3:32 pm Monday thru Thursday and at 2:30 pm on Friday.
Theresa Stevens, Principal
 Theresa Stevens

I am honored to be a part of Slidell ISD as the new Elementary principal. I welcome the opportunity to serve the Slidell learning and teaching community. I look forward to working with a dynamic staff, dedicated parents, and involved community members. I am excited most of all to work with our students, and continuing the outstanding work at Slidell Elementary School.

I come to Slidell Elementary School with several years of experience as an Assistant Principal, Department Chair, and Lead Math Teacher. I hold a Bachelors Degree from The University of North Texas, and a Masters Degree in Education Administration from Lamar University.

I am happily married to my husband Bradley Stevens. We have two wonderful children Tyler and Samantha. We enjoy anything involving family, friends, and the outdoors.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with the students, staff, and families of the Slidell School community.

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