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HS One-Act Play
"Chemical Imbalance" by Lauren Wilson 

 cast and crew of chemical imbalance
Jekyll/Hyde – Brady V
Euphronia – Jaden C
Ambrosia – Bailey M
Dewthistle – Bailey K
Ivy – Maddie M
Plodgett – Ashley M
Penelope/Calliope – Warren J
Constable – Landry S
Xavier/Lieutenant – Aaron R
Lady Throckmortonshire – Kaitlyn R
Cate Z
Ema H
Jaden H 
Region Awards:
      Best Actor - Brady V
      All Star Cast - Bailey M
      Honorable Mention All Star Cast - Bailey K, Warren J
      Tech Award - Jaden H
Area Awards:
      Best Actor - Brady V
      All Star Cast - Warren J, Aaron R
      Honorable Mention All Star Cast - Maddie M
      Best Crew - Ema H 
Bi-District Awards:
Best Actor - Brady V
All Star Cast - Bailey K, Aaron R
Crew - Cate Z 
District Awards:
Best Actor - Brady V 
All Star Cast - Ashley M, Aaron R
Honorable Mention All Star Cast - Maddie M
Best Overall Crew - Cate Z, Ema H, Jaden H
"Paganini" by Don Nigro
2017-2018 State Qualifier
"The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
2016-2017 State 2nd Runner Up
"Mariner" by Don Nigro
2015-2016 State Qualifier
"Ruby's Story" by Ron Osborne
2014-2015 State Qualifier
"The Miracle Worker" by William Gibson
2013-2014 Regional Qualifier

"Stone Girls Dreaming" by Lisa Railsback
2012-2013 Regional Qualifier

"Radium Girls" by D. W. Gregory
2011-2012 Regional Qualifier

"Martyr's Crossing" by Melissa Larson
2010 - 2011 Regional Qualifier

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" by Tom Stoppard
2009-2010 Alternate to State

“The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer” by Carson Kreitzer
2008-2009 Alternate to State

“Unchanging Love” by Romulus Linney
2007-2008 Alternate to Area

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