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Karen Vanover
Grades for 6th Six Weeks:
Each week you will receive three grades. The two assignments in the lesson plans with an asterisk (*) are graded. To receive credit, work must be shown along with your answers. This work allows me to give partial credit. The third grade is a participation grade for doing all the assignments for the week, including the Zoom meeting. See below for more information on Zoom.
All assignments are due 8:00 AM the following Monday. You receive lesson plans on Sunday and have a full week to complete. Anything not completed or submitted will be entered as a zero in the grade book. I will enter grades on Monday or Tuesday of each week. You have one extra week to complete/submit late assignments. After that extra week, I will update your grades for late work. Please check parent portal to see your grades and average.
Zoom Meetings: 
Zoom meetings are mandatory unless noted otherwise in lesson plans. They count towards your participation grade. I will use Zoom meetings for announcements, to answer questions, and to do examples for each week's lessons. Please have a pencil, paper, and previous assignements/work to use during the zoom meeting. Extra zoom meetings can be requested by student as needed. I will post an invite with a link in Remind either the day before or the morning of the scheduled zoom meeting. The times/days for zoom meetings may change from week to week. Use current lesson plans to see when you are having a zoom meeting. Excuses for missing Zoom meetings will be dealt with on an individual basis and not all absences from zoom will be excused. 
Lessons for Each Week:
 Lessons are available as a PDF in the school app and on the home page. Please read carefully and use the links. 
Geometry and Algebra II - working in; contact me or the school for username and password
6th and 7th Grade - working in IXL and completing PDFs of worksheets/activities  
 Submitting Work:
 Send a clear picture of work through Remind or in an email (needs to contain a subject with a name I will recognize). Work needs to be neat and legible, written with a dark pencil or pen, and answers circled. Try to get all your answers on one page. Remember to show work! 
My Tentative Schedule for Each Week:
Monday:  All work from previous week is due.
  • Finish grading
  • Enter 3 grades from the previous week in grade book
  • Contact parents if work for week is not completed
  • Answer questions as needed 
Tuesday - Thursday:
  • Zoom meetings
  • Answer questions as needed
  • Grade work as submitted
  • Work on lesson plans
  • Answer questions as needed (may not respond on Saturday)
  • Remind students of work not yet submitted 
Sunday:  Please do not expect a response from me on Sundays. I plan to do no school work on this day. You may submit work but it will not be checked till Monday.
Join Remind:  Click on the link below for your subject/grade. 
      This is for parents and students age 13 or older (by law, the age to join the app is 13).
6th Grade: 
Remind Link:  
 7th Grade Honors: 
Remind Link:  
Remind Link: 
Algebra II: 
Remind Link: 
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