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Mrs. Shackelford
Katie Shackelford
I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2009 with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree. This is my tenth year teaching and my seventh with Slidell. I have taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grade. I have been married to my husband, Micheal, for fourteen years. Our oldest daughter, Isabelle, is in the seventh grade. Our youngest daughter, Annabelle, is two. We love basketball,  watching movies, playing games, and going for walks. I am looking forward to another awesome year with Pre-K!
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Pre-K Schedule

Pre-K Schedule

7:55-8:15-Breakfast/ Brain Break

8:15-8:45 – Calendar/ Reading Whole Group

8:45-9:45- Specials 

9:45-10:30 Reading Stations

10:30-10:45-Brain Break/ Nap Mats

10:45-11:15- Lunch

11:15-12:30- Nap

12:30-12:45- Brain Break / Snack

12:45-1:15 Reading/ Writing 

1:15-2:00 Math

2:00-2:30 Science/ S.S.

2:30-3:00 Recess

3:00-3:30- Pack-Up

3:32- Dismissal

August 12th - Meet the Teacher
August 14th- 1st day of school
September 2nd- Labor Day - No School
September 6th- Grandparents lunch
September 27th- End of the 1st 6 weeks
September 30th- Beginning of the 2nd 6 weeks
September 30th- Teacher conferences begin 
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