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Welcome to Mrs. Cope's Homepage


I earned my bachelor's degree from Austin College and my master's degree from San Angelo State University.  This will be my 12th year at Slidell ISD, and I look forward to watching our greyhounds grow and explore.  My husband, Steve, and I have two precious boys.  Kale is 10 and Dekan is 6. 

Daily Schedule

1st     (8:00-8:45)            Library / OCR
          (8:45-9:00)             Break
2nd   (9:05-9:50)            7th Reading
3rd    (9:55-10:40)          Conference
4th    (10:45-11:30)        Achievement
5th    (11:35-12:20)        English II
          (12:20-12:50)        Lunch
6th    (12:55-1:40)         English III
7th    (1:45-2:30)           8th Reading
8th    (2:35-3:32)           Library / OCR / 7th Writing

Contact Information

Phone: 940-535-5260
Conference: 3rd Period 

Supply List

Wide-ruled paper with clean edges
Black/blue ink pen or sharpened pencils
Flash Drive
Spiral notebook
Slidell Independent School District: 1 Greyhound Lane,  Slidell  TX  76267 | 940.535.5260
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