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Principles of Information Technology

Word Search - due September 11

Use MS-Excel to create your word search.
  • at the top of the document, insert 3 blank rows
  • in the top row, add a title for your word search
  • leave two blank rows after the end of your word search and type your names
  • save the document in your IT folder as wordSearch
  • save the document in my wordSearch folder as your first names 
  • let your partner log on, open the file from my wordSearch folder
  • save the document in your IT folder as wordSearch 

Candy Wrapper - due September 5

  • use MS-Publisher to re-create the wrapper for your favorite candy
  • save the file as candy in your IT folder
  • save the file as first name last initial in my CANDY folder; save as a publisher file

While you are waiting for your turn on the computer, read chapters 9 and 10 in the book. Complete the worksheet packet. 

Maze - due August 30

  • use MS-Publisher to recreate the maze on your handout
  • save it in your IT folder as maze
  • save it as a pdf in my Maze folder as first name last initial

Name - Due August 28

Ms. Reeder
  • create a new Landscape document in MS-Publisher
  • use WordArt to write your name
  • use a font and color that represent you
  • fill your name with an image that tells me a little about you
  • save the document in your IT folder
  • save the document as a PDF in my Name folder 
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