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Principles of Information Technology

  • create a new WORKBOOK; save it as UIL in your IT folder
  • create the senior trip fundraiser chart on sheet 1; name the sheet SENIORS
  • the function for instruction B is b3 & ", " & a3
  • to sort for instruction I1, you have to do a custom sort; it is on the data ribbon next to the a-->z button 

Semester Exam

Use TinkerCAD to create one of the greyhounds pictured below. Do your best and don't stress. I will grade them from your TinkerCAD account so don't worry about saving them any special way.

Narrated Powerpoint Presentation – due Tuesday, December 17

You have chosen one thing that you think would make the world a better place and have done some research over that topic. It is now time to finalize your ideas in a narrated powerpoint. You have researched three supporting ideas and each of those ideas should have 2-3 supporting ideas. 

As you develop your powerpoint, keep in mind that this is a professional/business presentation. Cute graphics, fancy fonts and crazy animations are not appropriate. The powerpoint will be narrated and will run by itself.

Slide 1 – title slide
Slide 2 – list 3 subtopics; include citations at bottom of slide
Slide 3 – list subpoints of subtopic 1; include citations at bottom of slide
Slide 4 – list subpoints of subtopic 2; include citation at bottom of slide
Slide 5 – list subpoints of subtopic 3; include citation at bottom of slide
Slide 6 – wrap up by restating your 3 subtopics

PowerPoint Portfolio - due Friday, November 22

We have used several new programs over the last few weeks. You liked some, you didn't like others. This is your chance to showcase what you have learned whether you enjoyed it or not. You will be creating a powerpoint that includes your creations from TinkerCad, Pivot, GIMP and PIXLR. Your finished product should be saved into the OneDrive products folder as firstname last name products, for example JaneDoeProducts.
  • title slide - includes your name, a creative title and a photo of yourself
  • TinkerCad slide - includes a jpg of your creation and a paragraph that tells us what you learned using TinkerCad
  • Pivot slide - includes a gif of your creation and a paragraph that tells us what you learned using TPivot
  • GIMP slide - includes a jpg or png of your creation and a paragraph that tells us what you learned using GIMP
  • PIXLR slide - includes a jpg or png of your creation and a paragraph that tells us what you learned using PIXLR 

A day in your life - due Wednesday, November 12

  • complete your animation if you haven't already
  • File-->Export it into your network folder as a GIF; name it your first name Pivot (susyPivot)
  • upload it to OneDrive into the pivot folder
    • Kenlea and Brenna can help with this


  • upload your GIMP masterpiece following the instructions previously provided
  •  work on 


GIMP Masterpiece - due Friday, November 8

  1. Login to your account and set your authentication options for password reset.
  2. Create a masterpiece in GIMP. Look around, play with the different tools and create something that will "WOW" us! You have today and tomorrow to work on this so really spend time with it.
  3. Upload your file as johnnyJoeMasterpiece into the Masterpiece folder in your OneDrive. 

Proofreader marks report - due November 5

  • use the proofreading marks handout to type the report
  • make sure there are NO MISTAKES; -5 for each mistake
  • save it in your OneDrive in the proofreading folder that I shared with you; name it first name Last initial Proofreading, for example, msRProofreading 

Teddy Bear - due October 22

tan teddy bear with ribbon Use TinkerCad to create of 3-D model of this bear. It must be accurate from all views.

Word Search - due September 11

Use MS-Excel to create your word search.
  • at the top of the document, insert 3 blank rows
  • in the top row, add a title for your word search
  • leave two blank rows after the end of your word search and type your names
  • save the document in your IT folder as wordSearch
  • save the document in my wordSearch folder as your first names 
  • let your partner log on, open the file from my wordSearch folder
  • save the document in your IT folder as wordSearch 

Candy Wrapper - due September 5

  • use MS-Publisher to re-create the wrapper for your favorite candy
  • save the file as candy in your IT folder
  • save the file as first name last initial in my CANDY folder; save as a publisher file

While you are waiting for your turn on the computer, read chapters 9 and 10 in the book. Complete the worksheet packet. 

Maze - due August 30

  • use MS-Publisher to recreate the maze on your handout
  • save it in your IT folder as maze
  • save it as a pdf in my Maze folder as first name last initial

Name - Due August 28

Ms. Reeder
  • create a new Landscape document in MS-Publisher
  • use WordArt to write your name
  • use a font and color that represent you
  • fill your name with an image that tells me a little about you
  • save the document in your IT folder
  • save the document as a PDF in my Name folder 
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