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JH Boys District Runner-Up
JH Girls District Champion
HS Boys District Champion
HS Girls District Runner-Up 
Casey Pierce, Boys Coach
Lance Shelton, Girls Coach
2019 Track Schedule
High School
March 21st @ Ponder Invitational
March 28th @ Lindsay Knight Invitational
April 4th @ Era Bob Grundy Invitational
April 16th @ Alvord HS – District 22A Meet
April 26th & 27th  @ Whitney High School – Regional Meet
May 10th – 11th @ University of Texas; Austin, TX – 1A State Meet
Junior High
March 18th @ Ponder Track Invitational 
March 25th  @ Lindsay Invitational
April 16th @ Alvord - District 22 Meet
JH Boys
      100m – Dalton R (3rd)
      200m – Frankie M (4th), Dalton Reed (6th)
      400m – Frankie M (5th)
      800m – Hudson F (3rd)
      1600m – Caden B (6th)
      2400m – Caden B (4th)
      4x100 – Legend J, Jayson E, Landon D, Dalton R (2nd)
      4x200 – Legend J, Jayson E, Ben B, Landon D (2nd)
      4x400 – Frankie M, Caden B, Jayson E, Hudson F (2nd)
      High Jump – Frankie M (3rd)
      Long Jump – Hudson F District Champion, Frankie M (5th)
      Triple Jump – Hudson F District Champion

JH Girls
      100m – Jasmine G District Champion, Brianna W (2nd)
      200m – Jasmine G District Champion, Sydney S (4th)
      800m – Avery W (2nd)
      1600m – Avery W (3rd), Kenlea H (4th)
      2400m – Kenlea H District Champion
      4x100 – Jasmine G, Sydney S, Brianna W, Kaydee W District Champion
      4x200 – Kenlea H, Hannah S, Maddie M, Sydney S District Champion
      4x400 – Jordan B, Brianna W, Hannah S, Avery W (3rd)
      Discus – Maddie M (5th)
      High Jump – Kenlea H District Champion, Avery W District Champion, Jordan B (3rd)
      Long Jump – Jasmine G (2nd)
      Triple Jump – Jasmine G District Champion, Sydney S (4th), Kaydee W (5th)

HS Girls
200m – Aurora D (2nd), Adrianna D (6th)
400m – Bailey M District Champion
800m – Jayden E (4th)
1600m – Kristal G (2nd)
3200m – Kristal G (2nd)
300m Hurdles – Kristal G (2nd)
4x100 – Maddie M, Bailey M, Cate Z, Aurora D (3rd)
4x200 - Maddie M, Bailey M, Cate Z, Aurora D (2nd)
High Jump – Bailey M District Champion, Maddie M (3rd)
Girls Long Jump – Bailey M District Champion, Aurora D (3rd), Maddie M (4th)
Triple Jump – Aurora D (2nd)
Shot – Jayden E (6th)
Discus – Cate Z District Champion

HS Boys
100m – Aaron R (6th)
200m – Aaron R (2nd)
400m – Hunter H District Champion, Tristyn T (2nd)
800m – Tyler P (3rd)
1600m – Easton V District Champion, Ben M (2nd), Tyler P (5th)
3200m – Easton V District Champion, Ben M (2nd), Jerl M (3rd)
110m Hurdles – Brady V District Champion
300m Hurdles – Brady V (2nd)
4x100 – Carlos G, Aaron R, Brock H, Easton V District Champion
4x200 – Carlos G, Tristyn T, Slayton P, Hunter H District Champion
4x400 – Carlos G, Tristyn T, Brady V, Hunter H District Champion
High Jump – Slayton P (2nd)
Long Jump – Hunter H (3rd), Tristyn T (4th), Carols G (5th)
Triple Jump – Tristyn T District Champion, Carlos G (3rd), Hunter H (4th)
Shot – Jesse T (6th)
Discus – Jesse T (5th), Brady V (6th)

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JH Girls
2018-2019  District Champion
HS Boys
2018-2019 District Champion 
HS Girls
 2018-2019 District Runner Up
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