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JH OAP Wins District
 The Slidell JH rendition of "Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Play" by Lauren Wilson placed 1st at the District contest. Congratulations to cast, crew and directors!

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde - Cameron D (Best Actor)
Euphronia Jekyll - Brock H (Honorable Mention All Star Cast)
Ambrosia Jekyll - Maddie M (Best Actress)
Rosamunda Dewthistle - Jayden E (All Star Cast)
Lady Throckmortonshire - Landry S
Calliope/Penelope - Tyler P
Xavier Utterson - Warren J (All Star Cast)
Ivy - Jaden C
Plodgett - Yesenia V
Constable - Aaron R
Lieutenant - Jerl M

Lights - Carley F
Sound - Adriana D

Beth Dill
Keisha Cope

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