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Slidell's Fall Festival will be held Friday, October 9, on the secondary campus. Admission is $1 per person or $5 per family maximum. The proceeds go to the Student Council Scholarship. The door opens at 5 p.m., ticket sales open at 5:30 p.m. and booths open from 6 to 8 p.m. Raffle drawings will be held in the cafetorium at 8:15 to 8:30 after booths close. A concession stand will be open and operated by the junior class. Included on the reverse side is a list of classes and organizations that will have a booth and/or activity at the Festival. Tickets for booths will be $.50.

Carnival cash will be given at some booths and redeemable in the science room. The prize room will have one door in and one door out. Two tables with the same prizes on each table will be set up to minimize wait time.

All raffle baskets/items will be displayed in the cafeteria at the front of the stage. Chances will be sold at that location the night of the carnival. Only tickets will be accepted for those sales.

     Booth  Raffle
 Pre-K  Toilet Paper Toss  Pampering Basket
 Kinder  Nose Picking  Firepit Basket
 1st  Crow Shooting  Camping Basket
 2nd  Pumpkin Sweep  Christmas Basket
 3rd  Face & Hair Painting  Texas Basket
 4th  Plinko  Hunting & Fishing Basket
 5th  Angry Bird Throw  Fall Wreath
 6th  Zombie Shoot
 7th  Goldfish Toss  Goldfish tank with fish
 8th  Ghost Buster Shoot  Hershey Kiss Count
 9th  Free Throw  Basketball Basket
 10th  Bottle Right Toss  Chocolate Basket
 11th  Jail  
 12th  Cake Walk  Cake Basket
 FFA  Ring Toss  
 Beta Club  Pie Toss  Coffee Basket
 PATT  Spirit Table, Cupcakes  
 SAYA  Bingo  
 Yearbook    Free Yearbook
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