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Honor Roll
Slidell Elementary has released the 1st six weeks honor roll.

A Honor Roll:
2nd Grade - Cole E, Jerry H, Addison P, Madeline V
3rd Grade - Jack M, Seth R, Issabelle S, Christian T, Noah V
4th Grade - Alexis C, Caleb D, Kenlea H, Madison M, Avery W

A/B Honor Roll
2nd Grade - Ian C, Jaden H, Hazel P, Bobbi Jo W, Kelsie W
3rd Grade - Giisela C, Hazel D, Taylor E, Paige E, Angelica G, Rachel G, Fabian G, Catie H, Becky H, Keller P, Kayden W
4th Grade - Landon D, Caroline D, Shaylee D, Rustan F, Catilin H, Teygan H, Brenna K, Dooley L, Sulema R, Samantha R
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