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on track and leading the pack
District CC
Varsity Boys, JH Boys and JH Girls all win District 22A Cross Country. Both varsity teams will advance to the Regional Meet on October 26 at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie.

Varsity Boys: Hunter H (2), Shelby V (4), Dillon F (6), Kyler C (7), Dustin D (8), Ben M (9)

JV Boys: Dorian B (1)

Varsity Girls: Chasey M (2), Kayson R (3), Sydney K (6), Lisbet L (9), Bailey M (10)

JH Boys: Ryan S (1), Carlos G (3), Jared A (4), Slayton P (5), Berto H (6), Tristyn T (7), Brock H (8)

JH Girls: Aurora D (2), Chloe M (3), Sam R (4), Elexia G (6), Brooklyn R (9), Jayden E (10)
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