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1st Six Weeks Honor Roll
Slidell Elementary has released Honor Roll for the 1st Six Weeks.

Kinder - Bentley B, Conner G, Jade H, Paislee P, Giovanny Q, Lila R

A Honor Roll:
1st - Grayson G, Kirstyn H, Emma H, Madyson J, Jacob J, Allie M, Andrew Y
2nd - Rorey G, Allison W
3rd - Addison G, Julissa G, Jerry H, Addison P, Madeline V
4th - Giisela C, Rebecca H

AB Honor Roll:
1st - Anselan B, Angel D, Carter P, Eli P, Luis R, Baila S
2nd - Francisco B, Serena C, August H, Adan Q
3rd - Azahel C, Cole E, Mylee F, Keaton G, Kylie H
4th - Dax D, Hazel D, Rachel G, Catherine H, Jack M, Keller P, Seth R, Isabelle S, Christian T, Noah V
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