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Washington DC Trip

Students in 4th- 8th grade had a chance to visit Washington DC this summer. After sending out several notes and getting meetings together I finally had my group of students and parents. We had a fun year of fundraising and earning money for our trip. We flew out the first week of June and stayed 4 days. We hit the ground running and saw everything from the Capital Building, the Holocaust museum, Arlington Cemetery, all the Smithsonian’s, the memorials, Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, and the White House. Of course when you wake up at 7am and don’t get back to the hotel till 10pm we saw even more in between as well. You name it we saw it!! It was a wonderful experience to see a bit of history and to see our Nation’s Capital. Our next adventure will be in the summer of 2018 to Boston and New York! Be watching for letters to come out at the beginning of school for students that are in 3rd -7th grade.
Ashley Fulfer-Group Leader

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