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Dear Slidell ISD Parent and/or Guardian,

We are pleased to announce that along with the new website that was implemented this fall the addition of a
“new district app” that may be downloaded on all mobile devices. As with any new program there is a learning curve along with “bugs” that will need to be corrected. We would ask for your patience and suggestions this spring as we strive to improve our ability to communicate with you on a consistent basis.

As soon as we return from the holiday break, we will offer several training opportunities in January to help you use the app in the most effective ways. In the meantime, we are asking you to download the app and begin the process of learning how the app can be beneficial. Below are the links that will allow you to download the app or use the code on the left.


The complete letter from Mr. Enis is attached to this posting.

Attachments Available To Download:
District App Instructions
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