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TMSCA Championship Qualifiers
Slidell Junior High students competed in the TMSCA Regional Meet on March 5. The meet includes Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics and Science. Students can qualify for the State Championship by individual placement, by team placement or by an individual score that meets a pre-determined score regardless of placement. Slidell had 4 students qualify by individual scores and 17 qualify all together. The State Championship will be held on April 16.

Qualifying by score are Jaden C (Number Sense, Mathematics, Science), Ashton C (Science), Raven F (Mathematics) and James H (Science).

Complete results:

Jaden C (N, M, S)
Warren J (N, C, M, S)
Jerl M (N, C, M, S)
Tristyn T (N, M)
Novalee P (N, S)
Kristal G (N)
Ashton C (N, S)
Slayton P (N, C, M)
Noe V (N, M)
Adriana D (C, M)
Aurora D (C)
Alora P (C)
Isaac R (C)
Raven F (M)
James H (S)
Bailey K (S)
Ashley B (S)
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