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Varsity Tennis District Champs
The Varsity Boys & Girls Tennis teams are the 21A District Champs for 2016! Individual results are listed below. Congratulations!

JV Division
Rosa V 1st place girls singles
Jose Z 1st place boys singles
Lexi S & Cate Z 1st place girls doubles
Madison S & Savannah G 2nd place girls doubles
Levi P & Dustin D1st place boys doubles
Ben M& Jace S 3rd place boys doubles

Varsity Division (1st and 2nd place will advance to regional meet)
Stone C 1st place boys singles
Colton C 3rd place boys singles
Sarah B 1st place girls singles
Brooklyn R4th place girls singles
Megan G& Kylie F1st place girls doubles
Kayler T& Kayson R2nd place girls doubles
Noberton M & Francisco M 3rd place boys doubles
Mason M& Adina Z 1st place mixed doubles
Erick G & Amber S 2nd place mixed doubles
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