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OAP Advances
Slidell’s production of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller has advanced to the Region contest on April 7. Congratulations to cast, crew & directors.

All Star Cast - Sydney E, Shelby K
Honorable Mention All Star Cast - Taylor D, Shelby J
Tech Award - Kayler T

Abigail Williams – Taylor D
Rev. Samuel Parris – Slayton P
Ann Putnam - Sierra H
Betty Paris/ensemble – Madison S
Mary Warren/ensemble – Sydney K
Mercy Lewis/ensemble – Bailey M
Susana Walcott/Salem girl/ensemble – Bailey K
John Proctor – Shelby J
Rebecca Nurse – Kaitlyn R
Rev. John Hale – Isaiah D
Elizabeth Proctor – Sydney E
Ezekiel Cheever – Walker G
Deputy/Governor Danforth – Jace S
Layton S, Kayler T, Kayson R, Amber S, Camryn F
Beth Dill, Keisha Cope
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