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Live Thankfully
Our school is collecting food items for the Live Thankfully Food Drive. The items we collect will be sent to Wise County families in need of Christmas meals. Each class is asked to bring specific items which are being collected through December 13. We will award pizza parties for the grades that collect the most items, one at the elementary campus and one at the secondary campus. 
PK - boxed mac and cheese
Kinder - boxed/instant potatoes
1st - canned soup
2nd - canned corn
3rd - canned green beans
4th - cornbread mix
5th - boxed stuffing
6th - canned fruit
7th - boxed/instant potatoes
8th - boxed mac and cheese 
9th - rice
10th - canned meat
11th - brownies or cake mix
12th - boxed stuffing 
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