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on track and leading the pack
Youth Fair

Slidell FFA and 4-H students participated in the Wise County Youth Fair last week with great success!

Jayson E - 5th with his pig, 2nd Pie, ,2nd Wood craft

Jayden E - 10th with her pig and 6th Bundt cake

Shaylee G - 9th place with her market hog and 6th place with her cross

Cate Z - 1st with her lamb, 1st Quick Bread, 2nd Bundt Cake, 2nd Recycled and 1st Holiday Craft

Austin Z -  3rd with his goat, 2nd Creative Cake, 1st Novelty craft and 3rd Ceramic

Mylee F - 1st Floral arrangement, 2nd Photo, 3rd Lemon bars, 4th Bread, 5th Layer cake, 7th Goat

Slayton P - 2nd place with his lamb and made sale

Jaden H - 2nd with her lamb and made sale

Sam R - TWO Grand Champions for photography

4-H Queen runner-up Madison Splawn

Brady V -  Grand Champion broilers, 1st place in cockerels and 2nd place with pullets

Easton V - 6th place pullets and 8th place cockerels

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