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WCYF Results
Slidell was well represented at the Wise County Youth Fair by our FFA and 4-H participants.
Shaylee G - 1st Place Pig (Made Sale), 7th Place Pig
Jayden E -  6th Place and 7th Place Pig
Jayson E - 7th Place Pig
Sydney K - 5th Place Lamb (Made Sale)
Jaden H - 5th Place Goat
Slayton P - 2nd Place Lamb (Made Sale)
Cate Z - 2nd Place Goat (Made Sale), 3rd Place Lamb
Mylee F - 3rd Place Goat (Made Sale)
Bailey K - 4th Place Dairy Goat (Made Sale) 
Easton V – Grand Champion Broilers, Cockerels
Bailey K – 4th Market Dairy Wether, Class 3
Brady V – 6th Pullets

Sam R – 2nd in Macro Detail, 2nd  Macro Detail (B&W) , 3rd Food, 3rd Domestic animal, 3rd Domestic animal (B&W), 4th Food, 4th Sports, 4th People, 4th Catch-all, 5th Plant/Flora, 6th- Elements of Design
Mylee F – 3rd Wildlife or Domestic Animals, 4th Landscape and Nature, 5th Wildlife Animals
Brenna K – 5th Catch All
Sydney K – 6th Landscape and Nature

Mylee F – 1st Bar Cookies, 5th Scratch Cakes
Jayson E – 2nd Creative Cakes
Sam R – 3rd Candies, 3rd Bar Cookies
Cate Z – 3rd Creative Cakes, 5th Yeast Breads
Jayden E – 3rd Bundt/Tube Cake, 6th Cookies
Brady V – 3rd Yeast Breads

Arts and Crafts:
Mylee F – 1st Flower Arrangement
Cate Z – 1st Pillows, 2nd Recycle Division
Shaylee G – 4th Pencil Free Hand

Sydney K – 1st Semi-Formal Wear
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