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UIL Academics & OAP Win Region
Slidell Academics & OAP won the championship at the Regional Meet on Saturday. OAP advances to the State Meet on May 23. Norberto M and Sydney K were named to All Star Cast; Bailey M received Honorable Mention.

Individual Regional Championships were won by Sarah B in Computer Applications and Computer Science, Taylor D in Informative Speaking, Shelby J in Persuasive Speaking and Shelby V in Ready Writing. Individuals placing 1st thru 3rd and all 1st place teams advance to the State Meet on May 24 – 25. Complete results for both OAP & Academics are listed below.

Accounting – Dorian B (6)
Current Issues – Kevin O (2)
Computer Applications – Sarah B (1), Mason M (2), Kayler T (3)
Computer Science – Sarah B (1), Shelby V (2), Mason M (5)
Feature Writing – Savannah G (4)
Informative Speaking – Taylor D (1)
Literary Criticism – Sydney K (4), Sierra H (5), Sydney E (6)
Mathematics – Mason M (5)
Number Sense – Mason M (2), Sarah B (5)
News Writing – Layton S (3)
Persuasive Speaking – Shelby J (1)
Poetry Interpretation – Taylor D (2), Shelby J (3)
Ready Writing – Shelby V (1)
Social Studies – Kevin O (3)
Spelling & Vocabulary – Rosa V (4), Ashley M (5), Erick G (6)

Current Issues Team (1) – Kevin O, Dustin D, Colton C, Lexi S
Computer Science Team (1) – Sarah B, Shelby V, Mason M, Stone C
Literary Criticism Team (1) – Sydney K, Sierra H, Sydney E, Kayson R
Number Sense Team (1) – Mason M, Sarah B, Kylie F, Layton S
Speech Team (1) – Taylor D, Shelby J
Spelling & Vocabulary Team (2) – Rosa V, Ashley M, Erick G, Amber S

Norberto M - All Star Cast
Dillon F
Sydney K - All Star Cast
Sydney E
Kaitlyn R
Bailey M - Honorable Mention All Star Cast
Madison S
Shelby J
Shelby V
Isaiah D
Dustin D
Sierra H
Taylor D
Ashley M

Francisco M
Kylie F - Sound Tech Award
Layton S
Kayson R