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Homecoming 2021
Slidell's Got Game - Homecoming Week dress up days are listed below and attached.

Monday - Candy Land: Sweet Dreams, PJ Day
Tuesday - Scrabble: Dress up as something that starts with the same letter as your name or wear the first letter of your name.
Wednesday - Life: Dress as your future career.
Thursday - Battleship: Battle of the classes. PK & 7th wear red, K & 6th wear purple, 1st & 8th wear orange, 2nd & 9th wear yellow, 3rd & 10th wear green, 4th & 11th wear blue, 5th wear rainbow, 12th wear tie, Staff where animal print.
Friday - Mums and Greyhound Gear
Attachments Available To Download:
Homecoming Dress Up Days
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