Safety & Security

At Slidell ISD, student and staff safety is the top priority. Our goal is to promote emergency preparedness among our students, staff, and community. 

The district conducts the following different types of drills throughout the year:

  • Evacuation drills
  • Hold in-class drills
  • Lockout drills
  • Lockdown drills
  • Shelter drills

Slidell ISD has armed, uniformed officers on our campus daily.  These highly trained professionals help provide a safe environment while building positive relationships with our students and staff.

Winter Weather Procedures: Slidell ISD monitors the National Weather Service and also communicates with local safety officials before making decisions to close or delay school. We try to provide details about school closings before 6:00 am but please keep in mind that conditions rapidly change in Texas and we will make decisions based on the safety of our students and staff. 

Factors considered before making any weather-related decision:

  • road conditions
  • temperatures
  • presence of wintery precipitation
  • teen driver safety
  • whether or not neighboring school districts are having school

District Communications: The district website, Facebook, and Slidell ISD App will always be our first forms of communication for Slidell ISD. Teachers may also have a Remind or Class DOJO.

Social Media:

  • Facebook username: slidell.greyhounds
  • Twitter: @ Slidell_ISD
  • App: Slidell Independent School District